[stunnel-users] CApath hash calculation broken (ver 4.34)?

Konstantin Suvorov i.am at berlic.net
Wed Nov 17 17:40:17 CET 2010


I’m trying to setup client-server SSL connection with “level 3” verification
on server side.
I use 4.34 precompiled binary package for win32.
I put client certificates into CApath folder with hashed filenames (I use
openssl x509 -hash to get them).
And nothing works: I get “bad certificate”.
After sniffing for filenames stunnel server is looking for I found out that
they are not matching the hash values I got with openssl tool.
I downloaded openssl binaries (ver. 0.9.8o) and put them into the stunnel
This fixed the bug with wrong filename request inside stunnel, but it
started to crash after connection is initiated.
I tried to install stunnel (fresh download of 4.34) on another computer –
the same problem: requested hash-filename is not equal to actual one.

Does anybody know how to fix this?

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