[stunnel-users] Reg:libwrap is not working with stunnel 4.34

mohan raj eshmoh at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 07:46:22 CET 2010

Hi Jose Alf,
                  Thanks for your reply,anyway i found out what is
wrong....actually i don`t have the libwrap library for my
arm-linux.And stunnel needs tcp wrappers header files also.so i
downloaded the tcp wrapper and cross compiled it for my arm-linux.and
gave the header file location with -CPPFLAGS compiler flags.after this
stunnel successfully checking the /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny
file for host authorization.thanks for your kind reply.

On 11/9/10, Jose Alf. <josealf at rocketmail.com> wrote:
> Mohan,
> Did you read Section "Running stunnel with TCP wrappers" in Stunnel FAQ?
> http://www.stunnel.org/faq/run.html#ToC5
> AFAIK, there is no libwrap=yes directive. You enable libwrap for your
> service in
> /etc/host.allow file. In this case it should be something like
> telnets:
> Regards
> ________________________________
> From: mohan raj <eshmoh at gmail.com>
> To: stunnel-users at mirt.net
> Sent: Fri, October 29, 2010 5:40:44 AM
> Subject: [stunnel-users] Reg:libwrap is not working with stunnel 4.34
> Hi,
>      I successfully cross compiled the Stunnel version 4.34 with OpenSSL
> version
> 1.0.0a for arm-linux.i want to use this stunnel with my own application
> which
> will communicate with outer world through LAN or GPRS.currently i am testing
> stunnel with telnet application.Its working fine.I am able to telnet to arm
> board through SSL enabled telnet terminal software.Now i want restrict the
> access.so i used the /etc/hosts/allow and /etc/hosts.deny files with my
> chrroot
> directory as "/".but stunnel is not at all cared about libwrap service.its
> not
> checking those files.if i give libwrap=yes in stunnel.conf file its says
> "specified option name is not valid here".i compiled stunnel with the option
> --enable-libwrap and gave the libwrap lib also through LDFLAGS.here with i
> attached my stunnel version information file, stunnel .conf file also.i
> think
> its due to configuration???still i don`t know what to do???so please guys
> help
> me out.
> Thanks & Regards
> S.Thiyagarajan.

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