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Michal Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at mirt.net
Fri Mar 26 22:27:51 CET 2010

tony westenhofer wrote:
>     I am using stunnel (no code modifications) to encrypt communications
>  for some applications to eventually be sold.   First off outstanding work,
>  stunnel saved hours of work having to figure out how to add the security
>  desired.

Thank you.  That's exactly why I wrote it.  8-)

>  Now I am wanting to make sure to comply with licensing.
>  Can someone be specific and help on this?

As the author of stunnel I'll be glad to help.

>  I know we have to post a few things on the website for the
>  product.  (what?   a link, an actually dl
>  for stunnel...)

Please simply include stunnel source (stunnel-4.xx.tar.gz) on whatever media 
(e.g. CD, DVD, web page, etc.) you use to distribute your product together 
with stunnel binary.

>  What about paper distribution for the product, what
>  about stunnel must be included?

I'm not sure I understand your question.
Do you distribute your software on paper?

Do you  mean any advertisement or documentation for your product?
The license does not require that you do anything about it, but it would be 
nice of you to mention my name.

Best regards,
	Michal Trojnara
	the author of stunnel
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