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tony westenhofer twestenhofer at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 26 03:53:27 CET 2010


    I am using stunnel (no code modifications) to encrypt communications for some applications to eventually be sold.   First off outstanding work, stunnel saved hours of work having to figure out how to add the security desired.   Now I am wanting to make sure to comply with licensing.    Can someone be specific and help on this?   I know we have to post a few things on the website for the product.  (what?   a link, an actually dl for stunnel...)   What about paper distribution for the product, what about stunnel must be included?   Please be as specific as you can or better yet point me to an example of someone else already giving proper credit where due.   Again thank you for your hard work (all  involved).

   Second question, any recommendations for securing the stunnel folder without interfering with its functionality on Windows systems.  Have not had time to try locking down different ntfs setting yet.  

Thanks in advance and I do apologies if my questions have already been covered in the past.  If so please provide url. 


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