[stunnel-users] telnetd and tcp_wrappers

Spence, Thomas Civ 844 CS/SCOX Thomas.Spence at pentagon.af.mil
Tue Jul 6 14:28:11 CEST 2010

2 guys did help me and still no luck...

Anyone who tried this:

accept = 992
exec = /usr/sbin/telnetd

Let me know...  Reason why I am asking you because when I log off the server then stunnel's process stopped running but I want it keep running after logoff.  Before I changed 'exec = /usr/sbin/telnetd', it was 'connect = 23' and the stunnel's process ran great and never stop running...  Strange.

I really need your help.  Thanks.

Tom Spence
844th CS/SCOX 

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