[stunnel-users] -DHAVE_LIBWRAP on stunnel

Rodrigo Gallardo rodrigo at debian.org
Thu Mar 26 00:23:48 CET 2009

On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 03:45:26PM -0700, Joe Lau wrote:
> I ran into the following link errors when I have the -DHAVE_LIBWRAP defined.
> Can someone tell me what is the -DHAVE_LIBWRAP is for and how I can resolve the above link error.
> Which library should I include?

It's for Wietse Venema's TCP wrappers library, used for
/etc/hosts.{deny,allow} support. The library is called libwrap0-dev in
Debian, other OS's might have a different (but probably similar) name.

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