[stunnel-users] Use stunnel through firewall for home Web server?

Bill Eldridge dcbill at volny.cz
Sat Jan 24 13:58:01 CET 2009

Tom Shaw wrote:
>>>> As an example if I run Apache on my home machine, I'd like it to 
>>>> start the tunnel when
>>>> I turn it on, have it automatically set up stunnel to a Linux box I 
>>>> have on the public net,
>>>> and have anything to port 8090 on the Linux box get passed to my 
>>>> home machine 8080.
>>> Easier to use ssh to port forward in this instance, IMHO. But why? 
>>> Seems like just port mapping on the NAT router would work just as 
>>> well and with no different effect on security.
>> Because I won't be able to add ssh or access the router in a number 
>> of cases where I need this,
>> but I believe I'll have access to stunnel in many/most cases. 
>> Necessity is the mother of invention.
> Maybe I am all wet but is seems to me that a) if you can put stunnel 
> at both ends you can put ssh at both ends - saying that you would have 
> access to stunnel and not ssh doesn't make any sense,
If stunnel already exists on the machines and ssh doesn't and I don't
have permission to install it, it makes sense.
> b) why wouldn't you have access to your own router?
If someone else installed it and didn't give me admin permission, for 
amongst other scenarios.
> Tom

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