[stunnel-users] stunnel client connecting to host with dynamic

Adamson H adamson at polycastle.3322.org
Tue Feb 10 14:41:32 CET 2009

 >Adamson H wrote:
 >> Hi, stunnel 4.26 solves a number of issues running on FreeBSD. However,
 >> a stunnel client still has a problem reconnecting to a host with dynamic
 >> DNS service after the host IP has changed. Stunnel client seems unaware
 >> of the host update, pointing the dynamic DNS name to the old outdated
 >> IP. In order to get reconnected to the host, I have to create a cron
 >> script to detect the IP change and restart stunnel on the stunnel
 >> client. My client conf file has the following:
 >> [1873]
 >> accept = 1873
 >> connect = hostname.dynaip.org:1873
 >> The ip of hostname.dynaip.org changes at a random interval.
 >The solution is:
 >delay = yes
 >Best regards,
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 >stunnel-users at mirt.net <mailto:stunnel-users at mirt.net>

I added delay = yes to my stunnel client conf file and removed the cron 
script.  The rsync job (873) failed after the IP of the stunnel host had 
changed.  I had to manually restart stunnel to get the job done and put 
the cron script back again.

delay = yes does not with work with ddns.

Adamson H

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