[stunnel-users] set process name support in stunnel?

Hank Leininger hlein at korelogic.com
Sun Sep 28 03:55:11 CEST 2008

Has anybody patched stunnel to modify its name in ps output,
setproctitle-style, to tell more about itself?  I'm thinking a config
parameter "processname" which the user can specify in the service_name
stanza (or just tack the service_name onto the end of the process

I use stunnel mostly for ad-hoc client connections, or in a script to
plug a perl script that knows how to fuzz IMAP, SMTP, etc into an SSL
listener.  For me the stunnel 3 command-line flag usage was ideal.

But, I finally gave up and switched to using stunnel v4, usually piping
a dynamically-generated config in on an fd.  The downside with that is
now instead of 'ps' showing useful, differentiating commandline flags
for each stunnel process, I just have dozens of 'stunnel -fd 0's.  It's
possible to track down who's going where (netstat -antp, etc) but that's
painful.  Being able to set an arbitrary, meaningful-to-humans process
name (or extra tag, etc) from config entries would resolve this, and
might be useful for people with more conventional uses for stunnel.



Hank Leininger <hlein at korelogic.com>
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