[stunnel-users] One "final" (!) question re stunnel

John Bryant jbryant at lzy.net
Sun Sep 7 01:27:46 CEST 2008

Dear all - 

"Stunnel server down" problem solved.(see earlier communication)

Startup folder problem solved.(see earlier communication

Now I'm down to just one (hopefully final) question:

I get incorrect password message when I log on in my email client program. Why?

(Stunnel has run correctly and is sitting in core.  I am connected to the internet. The right port and host information has been keyed in in both stunnel.conf and the client software account settings.)

But still it won't accept what I know to be my correct userid and password because they work in other contexts.

My ISP says it's probably a generic message, meaning "it can't connect"l

Any help would be greatly appreciatedl

Thank youl


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