[stunnel-users] Validation of certificate

Edouard Dessioux edessioux at tibco.fr
Wed Feb 13 00:19:31 CET 2008

Hi everyone,


I'm new to this mailing list, but before my asking question, i checked the archive but did not find anything related, so, it may be out of topic.

Well, for the moment, I can't provide all the informations asked like « output of ... command », but I'm not sure this is relevant for my question.


The informations I can provide are :

*	I use stunnel to terminate a tls connection between a mobile phone and a web application server.
*	I use stunnel to validate my clients certificates.
*	The stunnel will be running on a windows 2003 server
*	I guess I would be using the last available version of stunnel
*	The certificates would be generated by a PKI different from openssl


What I would like to do is : I have a PKI already deployed with many certificates, and I want only a small subset of them to be validated by the stunnel.

I thought of using multiples OU fields to « tags » some users, but can this fields be checked by stunnel ?


Do you guys have any feedback on this or any alternative way to do something equivalent ?





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