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Mon Oct 15 18:11:39 CEST 2007

Thank you Gary, for your suggestion.
Actually, what I really need, it's a similar setup that Jay W. Reffner has reached with the technical indications of M.Trojnara.
Following, the link regarding the topic of Jay W. Reffner I said before:

Unfortunately, I have to find a "SSL Accelerator card" that support OpenSSL and configure STunnel to use this card.
Please, help me. :)
Best Regards.


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On Mon, 15 Oct 2007, domstra at alice.it wrote:

> Do you know if is possible to configure STunnel in order to use the
> "engine" of nChiper nForce" card? If it is, could you provide me a
> configuration example regarding the using of STunnel with nChiper
> nForce" card?

I have not used any of the cypher engines myself.  I've investigated using
the VIA chipset for it, but haven't implemented it.  I would suggest you
ask around in the OpenSSL mailing lists, since it is OpenSSL and not
stunnel which provides for the hardware support.


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