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Jan.Haering at rz-kiru.de Jan.Haering at rz-kiru.de
Mon Nov 12 09:32:29 CET 2007

The second Bug appears also with full specified path. There will be a problem in Version 4.2x > 4.21 to find the log, because this message is not be logged the log-file, only in the Icon log which is not available in 4.21.

2007.11.12 08:43:20 LOG3[2696:2700]: c:\Programme\stunnel\logs\stunnel.log: Broken pipe (32)
2007.11.12 08:43:20 LOG3[2696:2700]: Unable to open output file: c:\Programme\stunnel\logs\stunnel.log

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Jan.Haering at rz-kiru.de wrote:
> 1. In Version 4.21:
> No Taskbar Icon is displayed when the service starts. Although the 
> taskbar ist set in config file (taskbar = yes).

It's not a bug.  It's a feature.  Any object (icon, window, etc.) displayed by a service may be exploited by a local user to gain privileges of this user (in this case usually LocalSystem).

> 2. In probably all Versions (I have testet 4.18, 4.20 and 4.21) If i 
> started the service over Start -> Programm Files -> stunnel -> Service 
> Start (stunnel -start) no log files are written. If i start the 
> service over services.msc from Windows or "sc start stunnel" log files are written.
> The icon log displayed the following message in version 4.18 and 4.20
> 2007.11.09 09:41:03 LOG3[2396:2400]: stunnel.log: Broken pipe (32)
> 2007.11.09 09:41:03 LOG3[2396:2400]: Unable to open output file:
> stunnel.log

Did you try to specify full file path (e.g. c:\stunnel.log)?

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