[stunnel-users] 1 tunnel client to few different servers

Shalvi Ziv Ziv.Shalvi at comverse.com
Wed Dec 26 15:53:26 CET 2007


As my PROXY server gets requests from end-users to be proxied to several
different content providers (SMS servers), I was wondering how can
encrypt the traffic between the PROXY to the SMS using stunnel, but
still handle the differentiation to the various content providers.

Meaning, my PROXY listens on port 9090 for all incoming SMS requests and
each request should be addressed to different SMS server (i.e. different
content provider) based on the number the message was sent to.

See following example:

	Client = yes
	accept = 9090 (should always be this port)
	connect = <SMS IP>:442

Now, how can I do it with stunnel configuration (having the <SMS IP>
flexibly assigned according to other parameters in the packet)? 



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