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Brian Hatch bri at stunnel.org
Sun Dec 2 07:27:45 CET 2007

About 2007-11-30 15:06 -0500, Harmon, Paul suggested:

> I hate to be a nuisance. But I encountered an
> error coming out o the Stunnel configuration in LINUX. First what does
> it mean when Stunnel is in INETD mode? Does this imply certain
> configuration restrictions and why?

inetd mode is if you don't want stunnel running as a daemon (where
stunnel opens a network port and listens on it) but instead want to
have some other process (inetd/xinetd/etc) open the network port,
accept connections, and then run individual stunnel processes for
each new connection.

In general, you don't want inetd mode.

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