[stunnel-users] Handshake failure

RUTSCHLE Yves yves.rutschle at c-s.fr
Fri Apr 27 16:03:48 CEST 2007

RUTSCHLE Yves wrote:
 > Argh. After removing all my debugging printf's, it turns out it 
doesn't seem
 > to work after all. Which, if it has to do with signals and timing, is 
 > partly surprising.

Ok, nothing to do with any of that. Deep inside OpenSSL, there is a call to
gmtime_r. Deep somewhere in hell (I hope), someone decided that LynxOS'
gmtime_r functions would have its arguments *reversed*. REVERSED. I 
guess they
were going for SIXPO complience. So that call would write rubbish in the 
hence no returning from the call and segfault instead.

So, nothing to do with stunnel after all. Thanks for the support anyway! :)

Y. - TGIFriday

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