[stunnel-users] stunnel client without any configuration

Thomas Stegbauer thomas.stegbauer at tronicplanet.de
Wed Oct 18 01:15:26 CEST 2006

hi ml,

i searched the list about an idea, but didn't find the complete answer,
so i would ask:

i am thinking about a https website (with logon), where you can download
a completly preconfigured package (java-applet?) which checks HTTP_PROXY
on unix and the msie registry settings on windows and connect a local
port to a remote running stunnel, listening on port 443 (the stunnel ist
running on a different ip).

currently there are imho two points, which need solved:
	1.) there is no proxy support, without a patch
	2.) it is currently not possible to download a preconfigured

are there some thoughts?


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