[stunnel-users] Configure can't find openssl in Ubuntu

Tommi Nieminen ttn at mbnet.fi
Wed Oct 4 23:53:25 CEST 2006

> The problem with stunnel is that you are using a 4.x configuration
> file with a 3.x stunnel.  3.x stunnel uses switches (not .conf file)

Thank you for pointing that out. I've spent quite a while reading the
documentation, but had not realized that. I guess there have been just
too many new things. One thing that probably confused me was the fact
that I first tried out with Stunnel 4.18 in Windows, then changed to
3.26 in Linux. The difference in the usage would have been easier to
notice had the two versions been on the same platform.

> .... 4.x changed from switches.  You could simply install the 4.x --
> it supports later SSL versions (2 & 3) and seems to work pretty well

I installed the libcurl3-openssl-dev package as suggested and after
that I had no problems installing Stunnel 4.18. I spent Wednesday
learning about certificates and hopefully on Thursday I'll be able
to run some succesful tests.


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