[stunnel-users] Adding header to SMTP msgs

Eric B. ebenze at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 24 18:17:13 CET 2006


I am looking at stunnel as a way to add SSL/TLS to an SMTP server, but my 
issue is that the SMTP server must be able to determine the address of the 
incoming connection to perform RBL checks, reverse MX record checks, PTR 
checks, etc.  From what I can understand, however, the SMTP server will only 
see the client side of the pipe (localhost) as the originating address, 
instead of the originating machine IP.

Is there any way to get the SMTP server to see that original IP address?  Or 
baring that, is there anyway that stunnel can insert a header into the mail 
indicating the original IP address?



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