[stunnel-users] stunnel : remote connection refused

Arunkumar Arumugam aarumuga at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 23:25:55 CET 2006


   I am using stunnel 3.26 on i386 redhat -linux-gnu with PTHREAD+LIBWRAP
with openssl  0.9.6b engine  I am getting the following error when try to
use stunnel to a remote ipadress on specific port

Lets say the remote ip address be   a.b.c.d and port P1 and local ipaddess
e.f.g.h and port P2

e.f.g.h:P2  ------> a.b.c.d:P1

my logs say  that
a.b.c.d:p1 started
a.b.c.d:p1 connected  from
a.b.c.d:p1 connecting a.b.c.d:p1
remote connect: connection refused (111)
failed to initialize remote  desccriptor
abcd:p1 finished (0 left)

I do not understand why after connecting from local host to a.b.c.d ,
a.b.c.d tries to reconnect to itself.  I have the same setup in another
server, it works fine. This one was working fine, until i rebooted the

Arun A

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