[stunnel-users] converting old syntax to 4.x syntax

christof mestdag fenix4life at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 13:49:39 CET 2006


i've got a old syntax and i don't find what the new syntax might be.

stunnel -c -d localhost:389 -r win2003server:636
( I want to make a tunnel to the ssl port of the active directory server to
allow password changes )
i've read a possibility which allows no use of certificates but it was in
old syntax.

any input to change that syntax?

i thought it might be something like this.
accept = 389
connect = win2003server.FME.local

what do i do with this. an upgrade manual speaks of an stunnel.conf file.
But this one doesn't excists on my Red Hat Desktop computer. It says also
that we have an /usr/local/etc/stunnel dir but i don't have that also. I
only have an /etc/stunnel dir (which is totally empty ) and the
/usr/sbin/stunnel tool ( version 4.05 )

thx in advance
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