[stunnel-users] configure problem in 4.14

MeeAGhost meeaghost at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 15:50:11 CET 2006

Whether --enable-dh is defined or not the stunnel created certificates
created during make-install will include DH support.  This is because
the USE_DH variable in tools/Makefile is undefined which in turn
causes the test portion of the install-data-local section of the
tools/Makefile below to fail

test $(USE_DH) -eq 0 || $(openssl) gendh $$RND 512 >> stunnel.pem; \
$(openssl) x509 -subject -dates -fingerprint -noout -in stunnel.pem; \
${INSTALL} -m 600 stunnel.pem $(DESTDIR)$(confdir)/stunnel.pem; \
rm stunnel.pem; \

The test fails with this error message "/bin/bash: test: -eq: unary
operator expected" since USE_DH is empty (undefined).  I looked at the
dh section of the configure script and it appears USE_DH is being set
to 1 when --enable-dh is defined.  However, USE_DH=1 is only in the
DEFS section of tools/Makefile and not actually setting the value of
USE_DH variable.

I read in the change notes (from several years ago) that dh was
disabled by default.  I have been running stunnel for the past 3-4
years but have since I initially installed it back then I have been
upgrading and therefore the above section of the tools\Makefile was
skipped since I already had certificates defined.  I went to install
on a new box today and found the above 'problem'.  So I am not sure
how long this has been like this.  Before I tried to figure out what
is "wrong" I wanted to see if others have noticed this.

I have seen this on Solaris 9 and in the cygwin 1.5.19.

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