[stunnel-users] socket closed after SSL_write

Srilalitha Muralidhara(HCL Capital Market Services) srilalitha.m at hcl.in
Mon Jun 12 12:01:30 CEST 2006



I work on a client-server application that needs to be supported on both
UNIX and windows platforms.


Currently, we keep one socket open for all communication from client to
server (during which many read-write operations take place)


For user authentication and security purposes, we are planning to
implement SSL-Stunnel.


I have developed a small ssl client (based on sclient.c example) which
connects to the Stunnel Server.


Upon the first SSL_write, SSL is closing the underlying socket. Hence
the contents written by subsequent SSL_write operations are not visible
in the server log.


I saw lot of posts on the same problem. But couldn't find the solution.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



Please note that:

1. Due platform independency issues, I use RWSocket (a Roguewave library
class) instead of the BSD socket in conjunction with SSL.



A potion of stunnel server log



2006.06.12 10:47:43 LOG7[19699:28]: FD 1 in non-blocking mode

2006.06.12 10:47:43 LOG7[19699:28]: rssvr connecting

2006.06.12 10:47:43 LOG7[19699:28]: Remote FD=1 initialized

2006.06.12 10:47:43 LOG7[19699:28]: TCP_NODELAY option set on remote

2006.06.12 10:47:45 LOG7[19699:28]: Socket closed on read

2006.06.12 10:47:45 LOG7[19699:28]: SSL write shutdown

2006.06.12 10:47:45 LOG7[19699:28]: SSL alert (write): warning: close

2006.06.12 10:47:45 LOG7[19699:28]: SSL_shutdown retrying

2006.06.12 10:47:45 LOG7[19699:28]: SSL doesn't need to read or write

2006.06.12 10:47:50 LOG3[19699:28]: SSL_read: Connection reset by peer

2006.06.12 10:47:50 LOG5[19699:28]: Connection reset: 0 bytes sent to
SSL, 26 bytes sent to socket

2006.06.12 10:47:50 LOG7[19699:28]: linger (remote): Invalid argument

2006.06.12 10:47:50 LOG7[19699:28]: linger (local): Invalid argument

2006.06.12 10:47:50 LOG7[19699:28]: rssvr finished (0 left)







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