[stunnel-users] Follow-up: Bad certificate? (was Expired certificate?)

Boxall, John john.boxall at bmo.com
Tue Jul 11 20:42:30 CEST 2006

Mike, et al,

The problem I was having with stunnel on a Windows box connecting with
stunnel on a Unix server (Solaris in this case) turned out to be a
mis-configuration of the syslog-ng server on Unix. I took a sample
syslog-ng.conf from somewhere else and didn't know the impact of
"max-connections(1)". Though I assume it is intended as a limit on the
number of connections to the localhost (, it effectively
limits the number of in-bound connections from remote logging clients to
1 (in this case using port 5140). Removing this parameter allowed all of
my test clients to simultaneously log to the server.

Mike, the OpenSSL-generated cert works fine. Thanks.

John Boxall

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