[stunnel-users] exclusively TLS

Moehrke, John (GE Healthcare) John.Moehrke at med.ge.com
Fri Jan 20 18:23:13 CET 2006

It is not the list of ciphers that I want to choose from. We are indeed
using a select set of ciphers and that seems to be working fine. My
problem is that when stunnel connects to the server it is trying sslv3,
and this causes an error as the server is only supporting TLS. I could
easily be wrong...


> > I need to talk to a server that is requiring pure TLS. It seems that
> > STUNNEL always starts with SSL. How do I get STUNNEL to 
> start the client
> > side conversation with TLS?
> http://www.stunnel.org/faq/stunnel.html#global_options
> ciphers = cipherlist
>     Select permitted SSL ciphers
>     A colon delimited list of the ciphers to allow in the SSL 
> connection.
> For example DES-CBC3-SHA:IDEA-CBC-MD5
> For an exhaustive table of allowed ciphersuite values, if 
> it's not in the
> stunnel manual check
> http://www.modssl.org/docs/2.8/ssl_reference.html#ToC9
> Jan
> -- 
> http://www.surfnet.nl/organisatie/jame

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