[stunnel-users] Stunnel in a three tier setup

Louis Young louis at kwikpay.co.za
Thu Jan 19 10:15:50 CET 2006

Hi Guys

I would like to set up stunnel in a three tier environment, i.e. instead
of just having a client and a server, I have a client, midware and

I tried doing this:

On the client:

[VNC on TestMachine]
accept = 9000
connect = is the "mid-ware" machine:
On this "mid-ware" machine:

[VNC on TestMachine]
accept = 9000
connect = is the destination:
Then on the destination:

accept = 9000
connect =

The only machine with client=yes is the client and they all use the same
key. If I change the settings on the client to point directly to the
destination (i.e. using only two machines), it works, but with three
machines there seems to be a problem

Any ideas?

Louis Young
Systems Administrator
Kwikpay SA (Pty) Ltd

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