[stunnel-users] Client setup

Jan Meijer jan.meijer at surfnet.nl
Tue Feb 21 08:04:59 CET 2006

On Tue, 21 Feb 2006, Ting wrote:

> Hello all,
>   Wonder if anybody could advise. I have a client tn3270 application running on Solaris 2.8. Currently, it is using clear text to communicate with tn3270 server.
>   Now, I need to run tn3270 with SSL.
>   If I install stunnel in the Solaris 2.8 box to act as a wrapper.
>   1. Do I run the stunnel as a client only ?
>   Is the command:
>   stunnel -c -d <port1> -r <tn3270server>:<port2>
>   a.  Is port1 the original port where client tn3270 application sends to server ?
>   b. Is port2 the same as port1 ?
>   c. Alternatively, am I supposed to change the client tn3270 application to direct the data to a new port X, then port1 = X, while port2 is the port where the server is listening on.
>   Thank you in advance.

Best to do would be to invest a couple of minutes to study the manpage:


and the examples:




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