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Nadeem Mohiudeen q.nadeem at mnet.com.kw
Thu Jun 23 14:03:11 CEST 2005

Dear Members,

                        I need to know the procedures to install a *.cer
file into the format we using in stunnel.conf.actually lately we renewed
a certificate from Verisign and they send a file which we save as
test.cer .now I need to put this file into my format in stunnel.conf as


key = /pbx_u01/apps/tomcat/current/conf/mnet-priv_nbk.pfx.pem

cert = /pbx_u01/apps/tomcat/current/conf/mnet-priv_nbk.pfx.x509


since we are using tomcat as application server which is using stunnel
as https port forwarder so advice the steps would be thanks at the







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