[stunnel-users] How to Remove Stunnel From Start-Up?

mhrtmhd94 at att.net mhrtmhd94 at att.net
Mon Jun 13 16:58:23 CEST 2005

I have finally been able to delete and successfully re-install Stunnel, which I am using in conjunction with Agent.  There are still some problems, which I think are more related to Agent, and I am consulting with Agent tech support.  However, there is one problem with Stunnel.  It starts when I boot into Windows (XP SP2).  I did not intend for Stunnel to run except when I launch it along with Agent.  How can I remove it from Start-Up?  Stunnel DOES NOT appear under the Start-up tab when I run msconfig.  If it is necessary to uninstall Stunnel and reinstall it, is there a convenient way of doing so?  I had a helluva time doing this and eventually was able to accomplish it by deleting as many Stunnel entries as I could from the registry.  Thanks.

Mort Middleman

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