[stunnel-users] Setting up Stunnel on Server AND Clients

Jan Meijer jan.meijer at surfnet.nl
Sun Jun 12 21:01:03 CEST 2005

On Tue, 7 Jun 2005, Peter Pentes wrote:

> I'm having trouble understanding how to incorporate
> Stunnel into a client/server environment.
> There is a application running on the server which
> receives and sends data to various clients.  The
> clients also have a communications application
> running.  None of the apps (on both server and
> clients) support any form of encryption. So I want to
> use Stunnel for this.
> How would I set Stunnel up on the server and also the
> clients? I can't find an example on stunnel.org that
> discusses such a scenario.

Who initiates the conversation?  Is it only the client that initiates a 
conversation to the server or does the server initiate a conversation to 
the client?  In the latter case I'd imagine you'd have some firewall 
problems as well ;).

Traffic dumps do help.



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