[stunnel-users] slightly OT: starting up multiple instances

Colin McKinnon colin at mms3.com
Wed Jun 1 14:45:05 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I realise this is slightly OT (the problem seems to be in a different program) 
but thought that someobdy out there may have solved this one already. I'm 
trying to run a second instance of stunnel (different 'verify' level) on a 
SuSE 8.2 box.

The second instance just doesn't start.

What I did was to copy the supplied /etc/init.d/stunnel script to 'stunnelv' 
and referenced different config and PID files. After I had fixed bug in the 
startup script (the line which started the process - using startproc - didn't 
pass the conf file, and didn't get told to use the PID file) I still got the 
same error.

Now, if I run '/etc/init.d/stunnel start' I get /var/run/stunnel.pid. If I 
then run '/etc/init.d/stunnelv start' it reports 'OK' but didn't really 
start. If I start them the other way around 'stunnelv' works and I get 
/var/run/stunnelv.pid but then 'stunnel' won't start.

Thinking that 'startproc' is seeing 'stunnel' already running in the 
processlist, I tried creating a symbolic link '/usr/sbin/stunelv' to 
/usr/bin/stunnel and changed '/etc/init.d/stunnelv' to run that instead of 
'/usr/sbin/stunnel'. Looking in 'ps' it is reported as 'stunnelv' but I still 
can't get the second instance to start.

The error seems to be with 'startproc' - it seems to think that the intended 
process is running when it's not. If I just type in the line which starts up 
stunnel as shown below I get the same behaviour.

startproc -v -l /var/log/rc.stunnelv.log -p /var/run/stunnelv.pid 
/usr/sbin/stunnelv /etc/stunnel/verified_clients.conf

Unfortunately, the '-v' option doesn't seem to work.

Anybody any suggestions?



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