[stunnel-users] Activating Stunnel After Exiting (Newbie)

Andre Tertling andre.tertling at engelmann.com
Thu Jan 20 17:40:15 CET 2005

>Pack 2.)  After close Agent, I right-click the Stunnel icon on the task 
>bar and choose Exit.  If I try to activate Stunnel later, by 
>double-clicking its desktop icon, I am presented with an error window 
>headed "stunnel 4.07 on Win32" with the following message:  "Failed to 
>create a new service".  Looking at Properties on the desktop, I see that 
>the Target is "C:\stunnel\stunnel-4.07.exe -install".  This looks wrong, 
>as it appears to be the option for initial installation of the program.  I 
>assume I need to change this, or discover another method of re-

You already found the culprit. The command line option "-install" attempts 
to install the stunnel service. As it is already present in the services 
list, this has to fail. You can easily start and stop stunnel using the net 
command from a command line window:

net start stunnel

to start stunnel, or:

net stop stunnel

to shut it down again.

You could make up a batch file to launch stunnel automatically for the time 
agent is running:

--file runagent.cmd begin--
@echo off
net stunnel start
C:\Program Files\Agent!\Agent32.exe
net stunnel stop
--file runagent.cmd end--

Just edit the path for agent32.exe to match the path where you have Forté 
Agent installed, and you're done.

P.S. I know net stunnel start can complain about that the service is 
already running, but that's just cosmetical and I was too lazy to implement 
logic to check if the service is already running ;)

Best regards,

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