[stunnel-users] Activating Stunnel After Exiting (Newbie)

mhrtmhd94 at att.net mhrtmhd94 at att.net
Thu Jan 20 16:54:35 CET 2005


I just installed Stunnel, in order to be able to continue Agent as my mews reader.  This works well.  Based on the cautions on the website, I have decided to keep Stunnel active only when I am using Agent.  Stunnel opens when I boot Windows - (XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2.)  After close Agent, I right-click the Stunnel icon on the task bar and choose Exit.  If I try to activate Stunnel later, by double-clicking its desktop icon, I am presented with an error window headed "stunnel 4.07 on Win32" with the following message:  "Failed to create a new service".  Looking at Properties on the desktop, I see that the Target is "C:\stunnel\stunnel-4.07.exe -install".  This looks wrong, as it appears to be the option for initial installation of the program.  I assume I need to change this, or discover another method of re-opening stunnel.  As it stands now, I have to reboot to accomplish this.  Any assistance will be appreciated.  Thanks. 

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