[stunnel-users] windows stunnel

Noel Sanchez noel at asaiatm.com
Fri Dec 9 17:29:04 CET 2005

Hello List. What I'd like to do is use stunnel on a Windows server
behind the firewall then forward the data that comes in to the Windows
server to another machine (another public ip behind the firewall) that's
running an app that needs the original data. For example, I have a
device out in the field that is using ssl to send data on port 4000 to
my server in the office that has stunnel installed and listens on port
4000. Once the data is sent to the Windows server using stunnel, I'd
like the Windows server to send the data to another computer that needs
it but that doesn't have stunnel on it. The encryption will happen from
the field device to the Windows server in the office, then that Windows
server will have to forward the data to another computer that needs the
data. I am at a lost on how to do this if at all possible. Any help
would be great!

Device using ssl out in the field sending data on port
4000---------firewall forwarding traffic from port 4000 to Windows
server running stunnel behind firewall-----------Windows server receives
stunnel data then forwards to another computer-------system that needs




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