[stunnel-users] Server connecting back to client?

Eric Haddix burnout at stdio.com
Fri Dec 2 04:30:57 CET 2005

Joshua Kugler wrote:

Can I initiate an stunnel connection from inHere to outThere, and then have
> stunnel on outThere listen on a localhost port, which, when connected to, 
> would actually forward the connection (over SSL) back to a configured port on 
> inHere?  Is this at all doable?

That is more of a question about your firewall than stunnel. What you
might be looking for is "port triggering" and if it's not your own
firewall where you'll have admin access to change this, you don't have
much hope. There ARE ways around it but, again, they have nothing to do
with stunnel. Tunnelling is what you want, you just need some support
software to accomplish it.

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