[stunnel-users] Terminal services and stunnel 4.09

Mattias Olsson kaz at mogw.net
Fri Apr 1 08:40:33 CEST 2005


Im tying to access an internal Win2003 terminal server from my Linux box
(internet). As i understand it stunnel should do the work. I have read
some documents but im not sure...

This is my setup.

Linuxbox ---->  Linuxbox ssh server


   Terminal server i wish to access.

Can this be done or do i have to open a port in the fw to access the TS

Should stunnel.conf look like this on my linuxbox (client)
cert = /usr/local/etc/stunnel/mail.pem
client = yes

On the TS?
accept  = 3000
connect = 3389
Should it have cert = ?

Or could i on my linux ssh server have a config looking like this:
accept = 3000
connect = <internal-ip>:3389
Should it have cert = ?

A novice man sends his best regards and thanks!


Mvh / Regards
Mattias Olsson - aka - KaZaMaNIaC

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