[stunnel-users] stunnel with netcat.

Jan Meijer jan.meijer at surfnet.nl
Sat Oct 16 10:39:57 CEST 2004

Hi Graeme,

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004, Graeme Stewart wrote:

>    My apologies, I wasn't exactly sure what information would be
> helpful to resolve this issue.

I have a straight-forward approach to the amount of information needed 
when trying to solve a problem; just give me all you got and I'll sift 
through it to see what is useful and what not ;).

If I sounded a bit harsh it was because I woke up at 4 am while I could 
sleep until at least 7 am ;).

> - stunnel has logging? - Told you I hadn't used it much.

That logging probably holds the solution to your problem.  Because it 
probably holds the problem ;).  I don't know what OS you're using; if it's 
debian linux you'll find the logging in /var/log/daemon.log, otherwise 
most likely in /var/log/messages.  Can you check that logging to see what 
it says regarding stunnel?

If the logging is not present, uncomment these settings and check the 

> #debug = 7
> #output = stunnel.log

It could be the tcpwrapper is complaining.  Wouldn't surprise me.

> [https]
> accept=localhost:8080
> connect=targetsite.com:443
> TIMEOUTclose=0
> transparent=yes
> - shouldn't the link be transparent to the application utilizing it?

Nah, because it can't be.  You can make it transparent to the receiving 
application, if I understand the feature correctly.  I've never used it; 
all my servers are FreeBSD hence it wouldn't work on that side.

Consider this setup to secure an otherwise unsecured imap connection 
between a client that can't do ssl and a server that can't do ssl:

pine -imap-> localhost-stunnel --imap-over-ssl-> remotehost-stunnel 
--plain imap->imap-server

the imap-server now considers the connection to originate from the 
remotehost-stunnel.  The transparent-yes feature should make it possible 
to let the imap-server think it is in fact talking to my 

So it has to do with the 'serverside-stunnel', not with the client-side 



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