[stunnel-users] Using stunnel with HTTP as server and client

Olivier Kaloudoff kalou at kalou.net
Thu Oct 14 10:57:23 CEST 2004

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Wayne A Collins wrote:

> I am new to the product and encryption as well, but am looking for some
> unix examples using with an HTTP client and  a server to communicate with
> HTTP/S applications. I have looked through the archives, but they only go
> back 3 months.
> I know this has had to have been done many times but am missing something.

Hi Wayne !

 	did you take a look at the examples page here:


 	you should be able to extrapolate from the following cases:

# Using Stunnel on both client and server when neither speaks SSL.
# Using Stunnel to provide SSL support for an IMAP server.
# Using Stunnel to encrypt rsync traffic between two hosts.
# Generic examples of running programs (imapd, etc) on an Stunnel daemon.
# How Stunnel generates TCP wrapper service names.


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