[stunnel-users] Re: [stunnel-announce] Problem with stunnel 4.06 on FreeBSD andpossibly other systems

Michal Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at mobi-com.net
Tue Dec 28 17:13:17 CET 2004

Jay W. Reffner wrote:
> Could you explain the problem on FreeBSD?
> Do you think the problems exists in OpenBSD as well?

poll() call uses a negative parameter value to indicate an infinite timeout. 
On some systems (like Linux) any negative value is accepted, while some 
other systems (like FreeBSD or HP-UX) require -1 here.

On affected systems stunnel starts an infinite loop and does not accept any 
connections.  I'm not sure if OpenBSD is affected.

Best regards,

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