[stunnel-users] Problem with huge stunnel.conf

CIM Massy mlk141 at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 17 12:56:27 CET 2004

Hi everyone !

I have 900 (W2K) machines that I have to securely log onto.
I chose to use both of Ultr at VNC and RealVNC  4.0 (running on ports 5900 
& 5901).
And I chose to use STunnel 4.05 on W2K to secure the sockets.

On my admin PC, Stunnel.conf looks like
#cert stuff

accept =
connect = PC0101:5700
accept =
connect = PC0101:5701


accept =
connect = PC1000:5700
accept =
connect = PC1000:5701


And it does only work for the first 31 pairs of "services". (No 
Authentification issues.)
When I move the "PC0101" services to the end of the file it will not 
work anymore, whereas it does when it's first in the .conf file.

I guess having 1800 services is not necessarily the way Stunnel is meant 
to work...

Is it a known issue ? I haven't been able to find any infos on it in 
newsgroups or with Google.
It does not seem to be a W2K problem since it works with the 64 first 

If anyone knows a workaround...

Thanks for your help,

Philippe HAMEAU

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