There are two stunnel mailing lists:

  1. stunnel-users: public, avg. 2-3 emails/day General discussion, problem reports, small patches. An email address needs to be subscribed to be allowed post to this list! See the archive.

  2. stunnel-announce: moderated, avg. 2-3 emails/month New version announcements, other critical information. Users are hardly expected to post messages to this list. See the archive.

Before you send your question to stunnel-users:

  1. Upgrade stunnel to the latest version first. Never report problems with an old version. If the problem only affects a binary package shipped with your operating system, report it to the package maintainer instead.

  2. Would you like to report a bug? Please read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way by Eric S.Raymond and Rick Moen and How to Report Bugs Effectively by Simon Tatham.

  3. Please try to find for a solution in the mailing list archive before asking your question.

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