[stunnel-users] Need help connecting Eudora to mail servers

Javier jamilist.stn at gmx.es
Wed May 27 22:13:27 CEST 2020

On Wed, 27 May 2020 11:58:21 -0400
"Phil Smith III" <phs3stuff at cox.net> wrote:

> Eudora error (Personality is named just "y" since it's just a test):
> --
> y, Logging into POP Server, PASS [11:33:29 AM]
> There has been an error transferring your mail. I said: PASS
> <shhhh! Don't tell anyone.> and then the POP server
> (y_phsiii at said: ERR [SYS/TEMP] Server error - Please try
> again later.
> --

Hi, this is for both.

I'm reviewing the mails sent to the list and definetly this is a
Yahoo side issue, not a Stunnel issue, by the Eudora's log.

Just check you are using the credentials as:

username at yahoo.com

The TLD for yahoo might be .com, .co.uk, .es, .fr, .de, .au, etc,
depending on how you signed up (from a year or so all are .com).

And the password, if you didn't do anything, is the account password,
otherwise the app password (account area).

If I remember correctly there was no need anymore to enable POP3/IMAP
access, but check it in the mail settings (web interface). And
disable to allow only secure apps, or enable low security apps (I
don't remember how they call it).

If you still experience problems. I have no clue.

In the past months there were a warning in user account area about
banning "non-secure" apps, but I still can access, so, no clue what
else can prevent you from log-in.


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