[stunnel-users] client with two source IPs and one destination

Daniele Basaldella daniele.basaldella at gmail.com
Mon May 11 16:53:48 CEST 2020

Dear group,
I've to configure a couple of tunneled connections (call them TC1 and
TC2), client side, on a linux system.
The target of both such connections is the same (destination ip and port
are the same, call it DST).
At source side (my server) I have a two IP addresses (call them IP1 and
IP2) assigned and currently working to its unique NIC. I normally use
iptables SNAT to split the traffic between IP1 and IP2 depending on
destination addresses but in this case I've to distinguish it at
application level (TC1 and TC2).
I'd like to get TC1 to set the outgoing traffic with source address IP1 and
TC2 to set outgoing traffic with source address IP2.

    Tunnel           Tunnel
    Client           Server

TC1:  IP1    --\
                >-->   DST
TC2:  IP2    --/

I'm thinking to set one entry in stunnel.conf for each TC1 and TC2 and use
*transparent* = source  clause to set the source address but it seems my
case is not so common and I didn't find documentation.
Please could you suggest a solution.

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