[stunnel-users] Getting incoming Exchange online (Office 365) emails to go to port 110 and not 995

Mel Gilbert m.gilbert at baymedicalgroup.com.au
Thu Jul 23 03:22:06 CEST 2020


Trying to get an application with inbuilt email to receive emails using POP and port 110. However we use Office 365 and I have tried below config but it is not working.  I want people to send email to an Exchange Online Account port 995 and it gets forwarded on to the email app on port 110

client = yes
output = stunnel-log.txt

[POP3 Incoming]
accept = 110
connect = Outlook.office365.com:995
cert = stunnel.pem

[SMTP Outgoing]
protocol = smtp
accept = 25
connect = smtp.office365.com:587
cert = stunnel.pem

The outgoing email works fine using SMTP relay that I've set up on Office 365 but cant get the incoming emails to work.

Any help would be appreciated


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