[stunnel-users] stunnel5 to stunnel4 not work

Tu, Robin Robin.Tu at digi.com
Wed Jan 15 10:43:54 CET 2020

I'm working on openvpn over stunnel. My configuration can work with windows and linux. both are stunnel4.
But it never work out in android. I have ubuntu18.04 and set as stunnel4 server side.
I try to get connected with android stunnel: SSLSocks<https://github.com/comp500/SSLSocks/releases/tag/0.0.17-beta>, which should be compiled with stunnel5. It simply not work.
I got "NETWORK_EOF_ERROR" time to time.
If I remove stunnel tunnel, it will just work. So I think it's stunnel5 to stunnel4 issue. But how to avaoid such issue?

Best Regards

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