[stunnel-users] How to use SNI

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This looks more like a job for a reverse proxy such as Nginx than stunnel.

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Hi Everyone,

I have a single domain on my internet server, but it has 3 sub-domains. A separate web app runs off each one, but I need all 3 to be secured with https.
I have the ssl certificates I need, but I don't know how to format the SNI section for all 3 sub-domains.

The 3 domains and ports I need are :

app1.pcapps.one:449  ->
app2.pcapps.one:450  ->
app3.pcapps.one:451  ->

each domain has a certificate such as :

cert = C:\httpscert\app1.pcapps.one.pfx

Can anyone tell me how to write out the SNI section to get this working?

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