[stunnel-users] Timeout issues

gorf at hyperfunk.club gorf at hyperfunk.club
Wed Aug 5 02:27:27 CEST 2020


I'm using stunnel v5.56 on FreeBSD to proxy connections to a web server
(running Apache), for a small number of users. Users connecting to the
service keep running into issues with timeouts. I see timeout errors in
the stunnel log messages: 

services stunnel[7510]: LOG3[188]: transfer: s_poll_wait: TIMEOUTclose
exceeded: closing 

I tried changing stunnel to use the proxy protocol and enabled it on
Apache, too. I don't know if that will help but at least then the web
server gets the correct, remote IP address. 

Can anyone offer ideas/suggestions to fix this problem? Is there
anything I can test or check to help diagnose the issue? 

The configuration is very basic: 

accept = 20888
protocol = proxy
connect =
PSKsecrets = /usr/local/etc/psksecrets.txt
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