[stunnel-users] Debian 9 static build

Chris Maciejewski chris at wima.co.uk
Fri Nov 1 09:41:26 CET 2019


I am trying to build stunnel 5.55 on Debian 9 x64 statistically against
latest OpenSSL build from source. The system already has openssl and libssl
ver. 1.1.1b installed via apt-get , but I want to build against OpenSSL
1.1.1d instead. What I do is:

1. Build and install OpenSSL:
$ cd /usr/src/openssl-1.1.1d
$ ./config -fPIC --prefix=/opt/openssl
$ make depend && make && make install

2. Build and install Stunnel
$ cd /usr/src/stunnel-5.55
$ ./configure --with-ssl=/opt/openssl --enable-static
$ make && make install

Both 1 and 2 completes OK with no errors, however when I run:

$ /usr/local/bin/stunnel

[.] Compiled with OpenSSL 1.1.1d  10 Sep 2019
[.] Running  with OpenSSL 1.1.1b  26 Feb 2019

and indeed when I do:

$ ldd /usr/local/bin/stunnel

libssl.so.1.1 => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libssl.so.1.1
libcrypto.so.1.1 => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcrypto.so.1.1

above shows dynamic .so libs are used, rather than static libs libssl.a
and libcrypto.a

Any suggestions as to what is wrong with my process above and how to make
static build of Stunnel to use non-system OpenSSL very much appreciated.

Kind regards,
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