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 It's just an analogy - don't take it too far or it breaks down.
    On Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 7:14:06 p.m. EDT, Brent Kimberley <brent_kimberley at rogers.com> wrote:  
  Hi Eric.
>>container hardening?What are your resources controls and are they appropriate?  (e.g. chroot. docker. hyervisor.)
>>check outCheckout, posture and drift are characteristics of an operational system.
Using the operators manual, a driver should be able to examine(checkout) each major element of a vehicle so they can communicate their concerns/findings/issues from an absolute (posture) / or relative (drift) perspective.    On Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 4:41:59 p.m. EDT, Eric Eberhard <flash at vicsmba.com> wrote:  
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We use it solely on 100s of our customer’s Unix computers.  My suggestion (that not everyone agrees with) is to run it under inetd.  Unix does not function without inetd (or related like xinetd).  You don’t have to start or manage a server.  It is dead reliable and when processes die it cleans it up and so forth.  You connect to localhost on some port, have a configuration that directs it to the right place, off to the races.


I am not sure what you mean by container hardening.  When connecting to localhost it never touches the network – the TCP/IP goes directly to the TCP/IP stack on the local machine.


I am really sure I don’t know what check out is J


If you give me more info I can probably be of more use.




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Hi Dan.


>>Wondering what user people are running the stunnel process under on a unix server?

Any suggestions re container hardening & check-out (a la SCAP)?
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