[stunnel-users] My home ISP blocking ssh protocol

Matt Thomas lt72884 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 23:53:37 CET 2019


I need to know if Stunnel is going to accomplish what i need to do. My home
ISP blocks protocol HTTP and SSH from coming in so that people cant run
their own website from home without paying the ISP for a "Business" line

All i am trying to do is have a SFTP server that i can access my dang files
from while i am at school, work, friends house, library or wherever. I have
tried ssh on multiple random ports and made sure all firewall rules and
port forward rules were correct in my home router. I know they work because
i even went as far as setting up a minecraft server to just test the port
forward rules out and sure enough, my friend 200 miles away can connect
just fine to my home minecraft server.. But he can not connect to the ssh
server. No logs are ever created on the server either because something is
stoping the packet from even hitting my router, that something is my ISP

Would stunnel allow me to make ssh traffic look like regular https traffic,
thus allowing me to connect to my server at home so i can do my homework??


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